Lady to Lady Global Conference 2019

Lady to Lady conference has a special place in God’s heart and is an extraordinary conference where the presence of God is experienced tangibly. Is an experience that words cannot express but you have to be there to experience it yourself. Is a place of hope, faith, and love. Every year is different, 2019 is  “ENTHRONED”
Lady to Lady is like the fellowship between Elizabeth and Mary and when they came together things began to happen supernaturally and two ordinary lady carrying supernatural babies and they began to prophesy hence you see why we see a lot of miracles in our conference.

 Every year is different, 2019 is  “ENTHRONED” to be enthroned is to come into a place of authority, power and influence. As we celebrate 10 years of Lady to Lady Global Conference, God is saying that He will install us unto a throne of power, authority and influence. Every attendee you will be ENTHRONED and your words will carry power.
The other day God was telling me about those ladies that are going through some form of HURTS  and the Lord was telling me that on the day He will minister to them and I was filled with tears because I could feel the hurts of these women and my heart was filled with compassion.
You see why we need to invite people and why I cannot keep quiet because of what the Lord has prepared on the table for each and every one of us on the day.

The Lord also told me He will visit us in a very special way on the day and when the Lord visits and touches things happen.

 Lady to Lady 2019 will be a Place for that desired change and a Place to receive an Abundance of Overflow of Grace.

Why Should I attend?

If you are longing to have a sweet fellowship in the Holy Ghost and to have an experience of worshipping God in Spirit and in truth then this is a place for you to be as you experience the power of fellowship.
We have seen many many testimonies, hopeless situations become hopeful and many lives and ministries turned around in the past 9 years and especially the souls of ladies won to the Kingdom on the day has been the Highlight of the day over the years.

The power of God is so tangible in the place that things begin to happen supernaturally because the atmosphere is saturated with the Glory of God.

We have seen over the years restoration of marriages, families, ministries and ladies called their loved ones back to life. I have seen Businesses birthed and flourished as a result of the conference, I have seen many dreams revived, I have seen cases where they have been told there is no hope and against hope, hope returned. I have seen many filled with Joy of serving the Lord with renewed strength, I have seen and heard testimonies of ladies that were suicidal turned around and many travel from all around the world just to witness and have the experience of the powerful fellowship of the Holy Spirit in this place as many speak of their experience in the conference.
Who is this Conference for?
 Pastors, ministers of the gospel, church group leaders, Christian women in leadership, women in women’s ministry, Ladies looking for a change, desiring an overflow of Abundance of Grace and every lady regardless of your age and status.

What happens after my registration?

We have started praying over the names of those people that have registered
How can I get involved? You get involved first by registering yourself, by inviting others, by promoting the conference as well as giving into the conference. Those that have done so in the past have seen things turn around in their lives.

Is there a refund?
Your registration fee will go towards the planning of the conference and venue as well as expenses.
There is no refund but you can pass your ticket over to someone else.
Spread the word and come along with others.
For more information please email or visit our website

Date and Time.
Sat , 23 , March ,2019 – 10:03:am GMT
Sat , 23 , March ,2019 – 07:03:pm GMT
E16 1XL


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